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International firm specialized in hong kong company formation online, registered agent for the Register of Hong Kong No. 4029. We somles leader in creating  hong kong offshore company since 1999.
We cover an intenational customers, more than 2600 partners: lawyers, banks, lawyers. We are located over 3 continents to cover claims by email 24/7.
We have partners to open account in hong kong at 5 large local banks and 18 international offshore banks.
Why we are the cheapest? Because we apply fair prices.

In a more practical context offshore usually means a country or territory which offer specific benefits or incentives to foreigners. The most obvious ones are tax concessions. These come in different forms. It may be a complete tax exemption for all international business operated by non-residents, an ultra-low income tax for international businesses, a complete exemption from income and capital gains taxation for all companies, regardless of their ownership or place of operation , local no-tax or low-tax liability on all investment income regardless of the residence of the investor ; local tax exemption for non-residents of that jurisdiction ; tax holidays for certain types of investment ; favorable tax treatment through treaties and agreements with the investor’s home country .


Official Registered agent N°4029

Integrity, Honesty, Trust-worthiness, Saving time.

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In Depth Business Expertise.

We consistently leverage our collaborative teams of experts – including researchers, engineers, consultants and business partners – to create innovative solutions that give your business an edge

Competitive price policy

With Competitive price policy, Client always get not only the cheapest price but also the highest commitment that incorporation is the best.

Quickly process within 1-3 working days

After receiving all required documents from client, we proceed to incorporate company most quickly. With dedicated staff who Support 24/7 will be guaranteed for getting incorporation completed most properly

Strong Alliance Network & Relationships

Until now, we totally have had dozens of providers and bank account managers in jurisdiction. With the objectives that can bring the customers the effective services with no-hidden costs.

Keeping Clients Well Informed

Our customer service team is always available to support you via Skype and Email 24/7.

  • 0% tax

    No tax on profits earned outside Hong Kong

  • No Taxes

    No taxes on benefits, capital, dividends, estates, royalties, etc ..

  • No VAT

    No VAT invoice

  • No Retaining Capital

    No withholding tax, a liberal economy without restriction of activity, without exchange controls.

hong kong offshore company formation
  • Banking secret

    Enjoy a premier banking service guaranteed by law

  • Accounting Simplified

    A simple and flexible accounting

  • NO Tax Haven

    Enjoy a brand, not connoted as Tax Haven

  • 6th World Economy

    Hong Kong is the 6th world economy according to Forbes and the first court of world exports

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Trading & Forex

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